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DHRITI PATI SARKAR Flying Up Entertainment

Flying Up Entertainment

Serial Production House Bhilai

Company Profile

#SWK Martialart# Best For Martial Artist. #WBG Gymfeat# Gymfeat A Stunt Based Game Popular In Central India Gymnastics & Stunt Clubs For Many Years . Its Have 10 Member Each Team And 7 Active Player . Each Team Have 30 Minue ( 5 Minute Per Player Maximum ) . Total Match Duration Is 1 Hour . Gymfeat Player Must Have Ability Of Doing Stunts , Dance , Aerobics & Acting . Its A Game Show . Benefit : Many Gymfeat Player Got Roll In Movie. #ADT Drama# Best For Theater Actors #TDT Dancer# Best For Dancer #CG Bodbuilder# Best For Bodbuilders . We Hire Above Talent For Live Show , Movie & Tv

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By Location Bhilai
I represent Serial Production House
Looking for dancer
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Popular Locations Delhi NCR Mumbai Kolkata Chennai
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