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Success Stories

Purna Shakti Purna Dancer

I recently got selected for an event through Talentrack and I had an incredible experience. I highly recommend Talentrack to all artists.

Pranav Abhyankar Pranav Musician/Singer

Talentrack gave me my first break & I'm thankful to the team. I'm sure that the team is going to help many more artists to bag projects.

Yogesh Raikar Yogesh Stand-up Comedian

I got a stand-up comedy gig from Talentrack and the overall experience was superbly magnificent. Talentrack is doing a fabulous job.

Lilian D'Mello Lilian Model/Actor

Talentrack has helped me propel my career to greater heights. I've been casted for several amazing projects by genuine recruiters on this platform. Thank you, team Talentrack!

KK SAGGY Kk Dancer

Thank you, Talentrack for giving me opportunities to earn through various social apps. It has helped me a lot to keep myself motivated. Hoping to get a bigger projects.

Rishav Ishu Rishav Singer/Musician

Talentrack has put me on a platform shared by so many big stars. Looking forward to more such opportunities!

Lalit Singh Lalit Actor/Model

I have got my first film, the shoot of which will start soon. I hope to get more and more opportunities from Talentrack.

Ankita Banerjee Ankita Singer

Got few events and well as playback offer for movies through Talentrack. I am really happy with their services.

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