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Success Stories

Nischal Chavare Nischal Singer

I have got my first contract through Talentrack and it is an amazing experience for me.

Urvashi Joshi Urvashi Model/Actor

Talentrack is an amazing platform with genuine requirements. I got signed as a brand model along with two other projects.

SURBHI PANDEY Surbhi Actor/Model

Talentrack is one of the most genuine online portal which gives you amazing work opportunities. I have got some really good assignments through it.

Gaurav Baliyan Gaurav Voice-over Artist/Anchor

Talentrack is an incredible platform through which I got many big projects. The platform keeps providing unlimited opportunities to its artists. I'm so happy and satisfied to work with Talentrack team.

Ankita Banerjee Ankita Singer

Got few events and well as playback offer for movies through Talentrack. I am really happy with their services.

SAURABH AHUJA Saurabh Writer

I must say, Talentrack is best for artists and creative persons. This platform offers wide variety of jobs for both freshers and experienced persons.

Yogesh Raikar Yogesh Stand-up Comedian

I got a stand-up comedy gig from Talentrack and the overall experience was superbly magnificent. Talentrack is doing a fabulous job.

Mandira Tagore Mandira Voice-over Artist/Anchor

Talentrack is a great platform to showcase our talent and get in touch with lot of recruiters. I look forward to getting many more assignments in the near future.