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Category: Actor, Model

Model Required As Brand Ambassador For An Electronic Brand



Design line
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Hi this is sreedhar,
An ad film maker, We are looking for a model to represent our client M/s Gecko electricals.
Candidates should have good looks, hard working nature and commitment' to work.

Posted on

16 Jun 2019

Job duration

Full time

Expires on

16 Jul 2019

Job type Actor Freelance Project/assignment in Hyderabad
Number of vacancies 1
Budget 50,000-150,000
Pay basis One time

Talent preference


15-75 years



Audition scriptOnline audition required

Amy: Don\'t you dare walk away from me! And don\'t tell me you\'re sorry! And don\'t tell me to forget it, and don\'t you dare tell me to \"let it go.\" God knows, I\'d like to. I wish I could, but I can\'t! I can\'t forget that we had something, and you\'re running away. You\'re running away! Don\'t you see, Ram? You\'re running from what I\'ve searched for all my life! Why, because you\'re scared? Well, I\'m scared too, but you and I - we have something worth fighting for. We could make it work, I\'m not saying it would be easy, but I care about you. And I know deep down, under this (Spitting out the word.) bravado, you care about me. And that\'s what it\'s all about, Ram, don\'t you get it? It\'s the human experience. You can pretend all you want, but you\'re only lying to yourself. You\'re denying the simple and wonderful fact that you are emotional, and vulnerable, and alive. Can you honestly stand there and tell me that I mean nothing to you? That everything that happened that night was a lie? That you feel nothing? (AMY is crying or close to it. The following is a painful statement that she makes not to attack or threaten Ram but rather, to allow herself closure with the situation.) I feel sorry for you, Ram. I\'ll move on. I\'ll find someone else. I\'ll be all right, because I will know that I tried. That I did everything I could. But someday you will look back, and you will realize what you threw away. And you will regret it always.

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Rima Koley

I've been contacted by several recruiters through Talentrack. The platform not only showers the models with opportunities, but also ensures that the recruiters are genuine.

Rima Model/Actor
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