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Category: Graphic Designer, Advertising Professional
Delhi NCR

Graphic Designer Required For Gravmo Digital

Jobs Posted: 2


Knowledge of advertising techniques, Ability to think creatively, Independent thinking needed, Understanding of limitations surrounding marketing, Written communication skills, Verbal communication skills, Organisational skills, Customer relationship skills, Ability to listen and understand direction desired for advertising, Experience working with design software, Bachelor’s degree in graphic design or marketing preferred, Master’s degree preferred

Posted on

10 Dec 2019

Job duration

Full time

Expires on

9 Dec 2020

Job type Graphic Designer Job in Delhi Ncr
Specific date 1 Jan 1970 to 1 Jan 1970
Number of vacancies 2
Budget 40,000-70,000
Pay basis Per month

Talent preference


19-24 years



Based in

Delhi NCR


Web/mobile design

Available In





Adobe Premier Pro

Artist Testimonials
Lakshmi Badri

The highest volume of work that I have done so far is through the recruiters Contentflix & Makerdemy on Talentrack. Both have been extremely professional and payments were made without delay. Talentrack's process is very transparent.

Lakshmi Voice-over Artist
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