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Category: Model, Actor

Female Actors Required For Marathi Movie Shoot

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Looking for good looking female actors for Marathi movie shoot.
Applicants must have good acting skills and they must be comfortable in doing bold scenes.
Character requirements are as given below -

1 lead actress age between 18 to 24 ready for bikini scene and kissing scene.
1 second lead character female age between 30 to 40 As mother's role
1 second lead character female age between 13 to 16.

Posted on

26 Dec 2020

Expires on

26 Dec 2021

Job type Model Audition in Pune
Number of vacancies 5
Budget 500,000-2,500,000
Pay basis One time

Talent preference


13-25 years



Based in





Acting, Dancing, Modelling

Audition scriptOnline audition required

Inspector sahab aapne ab tak jail ki zanjeeron aur salakhon ka loha dekha hai ... magar Shalu ki himmat ka faulad nahi dekha ... pehna di jiye sar se paon tak loha, kheench di jiye zameen se aasman tak lohe ki deewar ... magar Shalu har deewar ko todh degi Hum hai dui-dhari talwar ... aaisan karenge vaar ... zindagi kar denge tohri bekaar..... Part 2 Mr. Inspector, till now you have only seen the iron of the jail and the shackles ... but you haven't seen the steel of Shalu's courage ... put the shackles on me from head to toe, build the wall of iron from the ground to the sky ... but Shalu will break every wall I'm a two sided sword ... and I'll attack you in such a way ... that your life will become useless

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Lakshmi Badri

The highest volume of work that I have done so far is through the recruiters Contentflix & Makerdemy on Talentrack. Both have been extremely professional and payments were made without delay. Talentrack's process is very transparent.

Lakshmi Voice-over Artist
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