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Category: Graphic Designer
Delhi NCR

Concept Artist With Realistic 3D Skills Required For Corporate Organisation

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* Kindly share your showreel / portfolio by applying on Talentrack.
* Prior to recruitment, an interview will be done in Delhi NCR (Meeting venue is flexible)
* Upon receipt of your showreel / portfolio, you will be contacted with 'Concept Art Guide' for our project

Posted on

31 Jan 2020

Job duration

Part time

Expires on

31 Mar 2020

Job type Graphic Designer Freelance Project/assignment in Delhi Ncr
Number of vacancies 1
Budget 2,000-50,000
Pay basis One time

Talent preference


18-35 years


Male, Female

Based in

Delhi NCR


Illustration, Web/mobile design, Animation/3d design

Available In





Photoshop, Illustrator

Artist Testimonials
Nikita Bardwa

Talentrack is the best platform for freshers to start their career. I started my career with talentrack and I got the best opportunity to work. Thank you Talentrack for my success. I hope I get more opportunities.

Nikita Model
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