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Neha Roy Neha Model

My experience has been quite good after registering on talentrack. So many recruiters found my profile here and I've got so many projects simultaneously.

Sauurab Aroora Sauurab Actor/Model

It's really an awesome experience working with talentrack. I got some audition calls through them & got selected also. I must say that it's a fantastic platform.

Urvashi Joshi Urvashi Model/Actor

talentrack is an amazing platform with genuine requirements. I got signed as a brand model along with two other projects.

Gaurav Baliyan Gaurav Voice-over Artist/Anchor

Talentrack is an incredible platform through which I got many big projects. The platform keeps providing unlimited opportunities to its artists. I'm so happy and satisfied to work with Talentrack team.

Vironika Sharma Vironika Anchor

"I believe that talentrack is an amazing platform to get a fabulous exposure and meet thousands of recruiters at just a click of mouse. It makes everything so hassle free and transparent. Thank you talentrack to create this one pit stop for all"

SURBHI PANDEY Surbhi Actor/Model

talentrack is one of the most genuine online portal which gives you amazing work opportunities. I have got some really good assignments through it.

Nischal Chavare Nischal Singer

I have got my first contract through talentrack and it is an amazing experience for me.

Tanmay Sarkar Tanmay Actor/Model

talentrack helps artists to find their desired projects. I got placed through talentrack and my overall experience was really good.